Meeting my Kids

I had my introductory meeting with the school where I’ll teach Life Skills classes starting next term, Nangina Mixed Primary School. Life Skills is an extracurricular course where we’ll discuss health and social issues.

After a morning discussing abortion and a planning meeting for World AIDS Day I thought I’d spice it up and talk about mental health with my kids. Guess what? They actually enjoyed it. We discussed how love of self and love and acceptance from family, friends and community affect our productivity and physical health.

While they are on break I have assigned them to pay special attention to things that make them feel good about themselves and the things that don’t. I really want to tackle self esteem this year.

 My introduction to the students

Q & A

After speaking a student got up to appreciate me for coming

The 2 other students that got up to appreciate me after the 1st student. They felt he didn’t quite cover it. They were all so sweet.