Cooking Fish with Mama

I live on a family compound. Mama and Baba live in the main house. I have my own house and my 2 little brothers have their own house all within the family compound. My family has been incredibly accepting of me and I feel completely at home.

Mama is the best cook in Kenya. Although my biological family might not believe that I cook because I refuse to cook while I’m in CA my friends can attest that I do and I love it and if I live in this compound with the best cook in Kenya and not come book a significantly better cook then I did something wrong.

Whenever I get the chance I cook with Mama.

Here we are making fish and together we went through the whole process of removing the scales, removing the intestines, cleaning it and cooking it. It was delicious.

Here are photos of Me, Mama, and a neighbor that comes to help Mama do things around the house.

Note: Baba was our photographer 🙂