Swahili Isn’t Helping Me Here

In the months since my last post I have completed my 2 year Peace Corps service in Kenya, went home for 6 weeks to visit friends and family in 4 states, and moved to Dakar, Senegal where I have lived for nearly 1 month in my Peace Corps Response position as the Communications and Media manager for the Stomp out Malaria Initiative.

What a whirlwind…huh?

I’m really excited about this new adventure. And I’m really excited about blogging differently. While in Kenya, I created my blog to keep my friends and family updated on projects, after my visit it home it is clear that my friends and family must make up 1% of my readership. Without the pressure of updates I feel free to write more about what I’m feeling, and I am feeling a lot. You will still here about my projects, my travels…you know my experience but this time, my WHOLE experience.

Eeek I don’t even have a photo to include in this post. It’s clearly time to take my camera out to capture this beautiful place.

Check back soon.


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