Malaria Mural: Using Art to Teach Health

I rode passed a talented community artists painting a school sign and immediately asked the driver to make a U-Turn. Michael Juma is a brilliant artist and art teacher and was overjoyed at my proposed idea of working with some of my students to make a malaria mural.

The mural is located at Nangina Mixed Primary School, a name you should all be very familiar with, I’ve talked about this school and the projects I’ve done there here, here, here, here and here. The class 1-8 school population is 732 total: 374 boys and 358 girls. The early childhood development/ECD classes have approximately 150 students and there are 16 teachers working and volunteering at the school bringing the schools total population to approximately 898.

4 students who expressed an interest in art first drafted their own mural designs which we used as inspiration for the final design. These students assisted in the actual painting of the mural. The winning sketch that heavily contributed to the design of the mural was from Reagan Omondi a student in class 8/8th grade.

The days of painting served as a functional art class. Michael explained every step and students were able to ask questions. This was the first time the students were receiving formal art training. They learned a little about color theory, scaling and being creative in their designs.

The mural was started on March 10th and completed on March 12th 2014.

DSC04549 DSC04560 DSC04565 DSC04582 DSC04586 DSC04593 DSC04610 DSC04613 DSC05997


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