What I Like Right Now: Draped Up

It’s no secret that podcasts are my guilty pleasure; I learn from them and I’m entertained by them so scratch that they’re my pride pleasure. My latest find is NPR’s Microphone Check. I’m on a quest to fall in love with hip hop.

They did an interview with Bun B and there was a part where he defined some of the terms we hear in his music and many songs in the genre. I was introduced to “draped up” and loved it completely and instantly.

Let me pull an excerpt from the interview.

MUHAMMAD: Alright, another one of your words: draped up.

BUN B: Draped up. Initially draped up is your clothing. Make sure that you’re fresh. But then, if you’re really into your car and you want your car to be fresh — so the same way you want your car to have a new pair of shoes, that’s the wheels. Everything that you would want yourself to stand out with, you want other elements of your life to stand out with — the house you live in, the car you drive, the man or woman you date, you want all these things to reflect you in the highest form. That’s what draped up is.

My car is draped up, that means my car looks good. I’m draped up, I look good. My woman’s draped up, she looks good. You come in my house, my house is draped up. I got some nice furniture, a couple of pieces on the wall — my house is draped up.


And draped up seems so anti-Peace Corps, we don’t live a life of luxury. But the thing is…I have a marketing degree because just as much as I’m about business I’m really about presentation. My love of interior design, culinary arts, fashion, and even this blog is my need and want for things to look good. It’s all presentation and that’s exactly what draped up speaks to.

Thanks Bun B. I like that one. My next party invitation will read: Dress Code: Draped Up.

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