I Was Selected for Stomp Out Malaria

I’m writing with complete disregard for a timeline. Forgive me. The following recap happened in August/September.

Malaria is not often the disease you hear about in Sub-Saharan Africa but it is the cause of more than 650,000 deaths per year are, with 90-91% of those deaths happening in Sub-Saharan Africa. I had a friend who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin. During her service she participated in the Stomp Out Malaria training and malaria prevention became a focus of her work. I knew then, before my service started that I wanted to work on this cause.

So I kinda had a “personal legend” moment as written in The Alchemist where the universe conspired to bring this goal to fruition. My closest  volunteer primarily focused on malaria prevention projects and often included me. She was selected for the Stomp Out Malaria training and the following year offered amazing advice when I submitted my interest.

In June it was confirmed that I was one of three selected to participate in the September training.

As you may recall I wrote a recap of the first day of training for the Stomp Out Malaria blog.

The experience exceeded my expectations. I met volunteers and other PCVs from all over the continent. Our trainings were conducted by the experts and thought leaders of their field. I returned to Kenya with a new spark and energy to coordinate our volunteers to make an impact around this issue.

I also, fell in LOVE with Senegal. It was an amazing country with delicious food and a the beautiful sound of french in the air. I hope my path crosses again with this country.

Here are some pictures from my time in Senegal.

DSC01500 DSC01606 DSC01609 DSC01613 DSC01614 DSC01615 DSC01617 DSC01618 DSC01620 DSC01639 DSC01640 DSC01641 DSC01642 DSC01650


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