Operation Reforestation: A Day of Planting Trees

Kenya is using trees faster than they can plant them and faster than those planted can mature. Paulino from Trees for the Future came to our training and explained the impact of deforestation in Kenya; their website put’s it like this:

“Kenya’s land has been so heavily logged that it now has less than two percent forest cover. This has not only affected the climate but also the economy, since the country now must import timber from other nations for construction. The main cause of deforestation is the felling of trees for firewood, without replanting them. Communities near tea factories have cut down immature trees and sold them to the factories…”

They equipped each volunteer with a couple bags of seeds that tend to grow well in their area. I was given leucaena leucocephala seeds, a tree native to southern Mexco and Central America and grows well in tropical climates. The leaves of this tree is a good source of animal feed and the timber is good for firewood.

We planted 22 planter bags and only used about 1/3 of the seeds I was given. When I return to the home to check on the seedlings in the coming weeks we’ll plant more. The two bags of seeds should fill over 60 planter bags.

DSC01637 DSC01638 DSC01643 DSC01653 DSC01656 DSC01657 DSC01670 DSC01680



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