Elewana Education Project Camps

A dream site is a so rare that it is often considered a theory rather than an actual place but my friend Andrea has a dream site. Her site has schools equipped with science laboratories and computer centers. She has the Kiwimbi public library that could rival some American libraries and the mission house with the Elewana Education Project. I love Elewana. I love what they stand for. I love the staff. I love the students that are dedicated to helping.

Elewana’s mission “is to empower youth to become agents of change in their communities by improving access to quality education and facilitating understanding of global issues through cross-culture interaction and learning. ‘Elewana’, the Swahili word for understanding and agreement, speaks to the heart of the Elewana Education Project.”

I hope you’re seeing the trend with this project, my life skills classes and the H.O.P.E. Scholarship Initiative that I’m extremely passionate about creating opportunities for educational advancement for students of color.

I stumbled on the Elewana Education Project and its camp while visiting Andrea and was invited to stay and teach and since some of my favorite volunteers were already planning on participating I accepted with no coercion needed.

These camps are attended by students who are in the top 5 of their class to provide prep  for the KCSE which can only be compared to the SAT’s but much more difficult because it’s by subject and covers everything they’ve ever learned or should have learned in secondary/high school.

Camp 7 was the girls camp. Camp 8 was for boys. For both camps I co-facilitated similar sessions: essay composition, reading comprehension, goals and decision making, health and an extracurricular session on culture.

I was so impressed with the student’s ideas and their passion to work for change in Kenya.




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