Thanks Emirates. 1 Day in Dubai

A 22 hour layover in Dubai on my way to America translated into a free day trip with my hotel on Emirates’ tab. I was exhausted, but I couldn’t waste this opportunity on sleep. I did nap for a couple hours, hopped in the beautiful hotel shower, did my makeup to attempt to not look out of place with the Dubai beauties and hit the town.

Dubai is HOT. Whatever hot place you’ve lived in or traveled to does not compare with Dubai’s heat. WOWZERS. Luckily you don’t have to stay in the heat long. This is not a town people walk around, they get in their luxurious well air conditioned cars and quickly enter a luxurious and well air conditioned building. Even the taxi I took was luxurious and it smelled so good. It smelled how I imagine Idris Elba or an equally modelesque man must smell.

I went to the Dubai Museum and learned about the development of the country. Dubai is a very young country. The Museum had several exhibits dedicated to beautiful jewelry and handmade clothes, so yeah I was in heaven. After the museum I went on a hunt to find the fabric souk. It was a beautiful and completely overwhelming experience to do by myself. I didn’t stay long, before my trip my aunt warned me that women don’t tend to wander alone, this was true…and I started to feel awkward…so I found myself in a sea of throw pillows in a fancy hotel that had wi-fi to wait for my friends arrival. The lack of free wi-fi I found ironic for a country that appears so wealthy, it’s something I hope they change very soon.

I met up with Shakira, a family friend who lives in Abu Dhabi, and her a family and they showed me the town. We went to the Dubai mall and the hours flew by. In the Dubai mall I got Garrett’s popcorn, a Chicago delicacy, and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. The Dubai Mall was all of America in one place. They have an incredible aquarium. I love aquariums. I spent a minimum of 6 hours in the mall and it felt like minutes.

Before I knew it it was time to head back to the hotel to pick up my bags to go to the airport. Even though I arrived at the hotel later than my check out time I still squeezed in another shower and it was completely worth the angry call I received from the front desk.

Thanks Emirates!

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