My Visit to America

I went to America in June a week or so after my 1 year anniversary of living in Kenya. It was a much needed homecation. I flew into DC and that moment of readjustment some volunteers talk about was not necessary, as soon as I saw my friends it was almost as if I had never left. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

I think I’ve said this before but my friends are AMAZING. My friends, the dynasty, threw an elaborate cocktail party in Rochee’s perfectly decorated apartment catered by a professional chef to celebrate my visit.  The menu? Crab deviled eggs. Lobster mac n cheese. Cornbread muffins with a collard green filling. Chicken and waffles. I could go on but that really doesn’t seem fair. I’m obsessed with upscale soul food and I love when someone is able to add a new take on a classic. Kudos to the chef. Double kudos to my friends.

The timing of my visit was perfect. I was able to meet up with my H.O.P.E. family to scout venues for our 3rd anniversary event. Missing H.O.P.E. events comes in 3rd place for cause of sadness right after missing family and friends. It was so nice to jump in and be a part of a major accomplishment for our organization.

Of course I went back and visited all my friends at my pre-PC job Banner & Witcoff. Oh man, it was like old times. I was so fortunate to have an amazing supervisor and so many friends during my 4 years at the firm…I mean they have to be awesome to make intellectual property fun.

DC was just the start of my journey, I spent the majority of my time at home in Oakland, CA. My mission was to see family and friends, help get my brother prepared to start community college, and eat all my favorite foods. I think I would claim victory for all three categories.

Jetlag hit me in CA. I was tired and so appreciative of everyone who understood and let me rest a bit, unfortunately that cost me a few visits with some family and friends.

I went skating with my cousin wearing matching outfits, and by skating I mean I put on skates and hung on the sideline while she grooved around the rink. She convinced a couple of really nice guys to skate slowly with me while I held on to their arms for dear life. I had a blast.

I returned to DC for my last hoorah before returning to Kenya. I did a lot in a relatively short period of time. Visiting home was refreshing and it made me excited about continuing my work. I took pride in telling people about the work I did in Kenya. I took pride in truly believing that I am doing something that I think will make the world a better place. And it was home that made me realize that Kenya has changed me for the better.

DC: Cocktail Party

DC Cocktail Party: warm greetings

DC: Cocktail Party, The Dynasty

DC Cocktail Party: The Dynasty

DC: Cocktail Party, crab deviled eggs  cornbread and collard green muffin

DC Cocktail Party: crab deviled eggs and cornbread and collard green muffin


DC Cocktail Party: chicken and waffles

DC Cocktail Party

DC Cocktail Party

DC Copper Canyon: Beef medallion salad with sesame dressing

DC Copper Canyon: Beef medallion salad with sesame dressing

DC Creme Brunch: shrimp and grits

DC Creme Brunch: shrimp and grits

DC: The H.O.P.E. Team

DC: The H.O.P.E. Team

CA: skate night

CA: skate night

CA: theme park

CA: theme park


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  1. Short but sweet… and to the point. I was excited to read every word, and felt special that you mentioned skating. It’s nice to know the little things touch your life that way. Have fun, and keep up the good work. Much Love. Priscilla


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