Stomp Out Malaria in Africa: Day 1

stomp_logo_horizontalA lot has happened in the last couple months that I promise to write about soon. Today, I’m on day 3 of an intense 11 day training, Stomping Out Malaria in Africa. In less than 2 weeks we, 32 participants, will  learn a considerable amount about the epidemiology, prevention strategies and evaluation plans for malaria, the disease that kills over 800,000 people annually.

I wrote an article to review the first day.

“I can tell based on the first day that Stomping Out Malaria in Africa Boot Camp will be unlike any training I’ve participated in before. I suppose that’s because it is not just a training, but it’s what Matt McLaughlin, Stomp Program Manager, intentionally calls a “boot camp.”  Both the word and the accompanying picture on the introductory presentation of a commander yelling at a trainee communicate the intensity we are embarking on. I feel like a soldier learning the habits and habitat of the enemy with the solitary goal to eradicate it.  Of course, the enemy being malaria.”

Read the whole article on the Stomp Out Malaria in Africa website.


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