Operation Killing the Game

199884_672078083060_2624748_nFor those of you familiar with the term “killing the game” you may be expecting this post to be a narcissistic rant. Quite the opposite. For those who are not familiar, let’s start there.

Urban dictionary defines the phrase as:

“a practice or process that makes competing in a given industry unfair for other participants. Superior qualities/abilities are usually attributed with someone killing the game.”

Now that you know the definition you might REALLY be expecting a narcissistic rant.

Operation killing the game is a movement of self-improvement. We are often most critical of ourselves. We know what we need to work on to become our best selves…then we don’t. Operation killing the game is putting the excuses, laziness and every other obstacle to being our best selves to rest. It’s a commitment to consciously work on YOU. It’s a commitment I’ve made.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m 28 and in the Peace Corps with another year of service meaning when I finish I’ll be 29 and when I finish traveling after my service I’ll be approaching 30. I’m not scared of turning 30, I’m excited about it…every year I feel I get better and I welcome that with open arms…but with 100% of my friends either marrying or rapidly climbing the salary scale I could only make the decision to opt out of working on either of those for 2 years if I was certain that I would make a significant difference in the life of my community and if I committed to working on myself.

Thus operation killing the game.

The movement is all encompassing it’s looking your best while thinking your best while producing your best. It’s adaptable for each person to get you to the place of executing, not just theorizing, your best self.

What does this look like for me: I’ve committed to being more active and more conscious about what I put in and on my body. I’ve committed to being a lifelong student with an emphasis on personal reading. I’ve committed to choosing quality over quantity in my purchases and what I choose to add to my life. I’ve committed to being more fiscally responsible. I’ve committed to try new things especially things that make me uncomfortable. I’ve committed to working on my communication both spoken and written. I’ve committed to attempt to rebuild some broken relationships especially with relatives. I’ve committed to getting out of my house more for leisure walks and talks with members of my community. I’ve committed to appreciating my past, present and future.

I’m not sure what this will grow in to; I know it will come in phases. The more I work on some things and get more comfortable the more I see ways to improve.

I know we roll our eyes at whichever the self-help book of the moment is but I urge you to help yourself. Be better. Be better than better, be the best you or at least start the journey.


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