Water Project COMPLETED

I almost called this post “And Let There Be Water”. To be completely frank the water situation at Nangina Mixed Primary School prior to the repairs was bleak at best. It was dysfunctional taps where taps were present, it was an 18 feet deep tank that leaked and students had to climb inside to retrieve the unclean water it held, students were carrying water from home in jerry cans and hand washing only existed in my lesson plans.

We received funding for repairs through Water Charity (specifically from CannedWater4Kids) now the school has 4 hand-washing stations, a refurbished tank equipped with a removable pump and the other existing tanks received a face lift and new hardware.

Its completion was a happy moment but what really moved me was sitting in the yard and seeing both students and staff drinking and washing with water they had easy access to.

How amazing is that?

Here’s the new and improved water catchment system at Nangina Mixed Primary School.


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  1. Hey! Congrats on getting your water tanks 🙂 One of the hill tribe preschools are experiencing a similar issue and I was wondering how long it took for you to apply to Water Charity and hear back from them for funds.


    1. Hi Sara! Thanks! The process went relatively quick. I received my approval no more than 2 weeks after submitting my application. Be as detailed as possible able the project. Good luck!


  2. […] 1st Grant Proposal Approved: My 1st successful grant was to repair the water catchment system for a primary school. With a few new pipes and a pump we’ve made water available to a school population of over 900 and the broader community. We also put in hand washing stations. Completed project. […]


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