10 Month Anniversary

April 6th marked 10 months in Kenya and I’m loving every minute, well that’s over-stating it a bit but at least 80-85% of the time has been enjoyable. As my cousin Priscilla said after looking at some recent photos “it looks like I’m having too much fun” and her perception is spot on.

Living in another country changes you in a beautiful and often heavy handed way. I’m on a quest to be changed, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and see where it takes me. Tanim, a fellow volunteer, put up an awesome post and I’m going to copy his idea and share a review of the last 10 months. Some of this will be familiar if you’ve been keeping up with the blog but if you haven’t this is a good place to play catch up.

Harvest a Fish Pond: This past Christmas a few volunteers came to my area and we went for it. We jumped in a fish pond and pulled out some fish. We had a blast and I think I scored some cool points with my fish farmers.

Life Straw Water Sanitation Community Outreach: This was my first opportunity to join my community health workers and visit individual homes. This visit made it clear that I am here to work in health.

Weekly Life Skills: Touching the Lives of 400 kids through weekly Life Skills classes. Could you imagine 400 American youth attending an extracurricular class?

Business Consulting at Wakhungu Hatchery Opening: The ministry of fisheries opened a new hatchery, at the event I offered a business consulting desk to answer questions for fish farmers who are looking to transition from farming as a hobby to an income generating activity.

1st Grant Proposal Approved: My 1st successful grant was to repair the water catchment system for a primary school. With a few new pipes and a pump we’ve made water available to a school population of over 900 and the broader community. We also put in hand washing stations. Completed project.

Cervical Cancer Screening: I went to the health center to lend a helping hand, I quickly became the student of the Head Nurse as she walked me through the process of giving a cervical cancer screening.


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