PC Packing Simplified

Reading packing lists was an obsession of mine in the couple months before my departure. If that’s where you are check out mine. I was determined to bring absolutely everything I needed while knowing that was virtually impossible.

Now the following is meant for the new group coming to Kenya, resources and ways of life are different in different countries but if you can benefit from this GREAT.

If you know that any one of these things are not a priority in your life then forget it.


  • Electronics: laptop, e-reader, camera, ipod, mini speakers and don’t even think of coming without an external harddrive (at least 1TB…I wish I had 2 TBs)
  • Clothes you like wearing. There are cultural norms that will determine what you need to wear but you will travel and you will go out and when you do you’ll want to have clothes you like. (in addition to that ladies, some beauty basics: makeup and nail polish is a good idea). Also once your community gets to know you you’ll probably be able to wear more clothes you’re comfortable in.
  • A good pillow
  • A small bag full of whatever your hobby is: sports equipment, crafts, art supplies, etc.
  • Helmet
  • Swimwear
  • Bras (at least 4…maybe even a strapless)
  • Rain jacket
  • Card games (Good for group activities and kids LOVE uno bring a few decks of those to give away)
  • Favorite snacks, condiments, and skin care products.

Don’t Bring:

  • Solar Shower
  • High-tech sporting equipment that you’re not absolutely sure you’ll use.
  • Sleeping pad (optional…I might be using mine for the 1st time after 10 months of being in country)

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