I Turned 28 in Kenya

Allow me to prepare you for the forthcoming disappointment because like all epic events the exact details of my birthday celebration cannot be revealed in a public forum. What I can say is if it inspired a TV series the episodes would be titled:

Episode 1: Hugs All Around

Episode 2: Salads, Burgers and Shakes oh my

Episode 3: Replacement Mugs for you to Chug

Episode 4: All Dolled Up (The Return of the Mohawk)

Episode 5: Cesar’s or Signatures?

Episode 6: Go-Go Gadget Legs on the Dance Floor

Episode 7: He did it Twice (Incredible Hulk Effect)

Episode 8: Taxicab Confessions

Episode 9: Drink This Water

…and that was just day 1.

I have this weird luck to always be in a team with the coolest people and my Peace Corps group is no exception. I don’t question this luck but I’m eternally grateful for it. Just when I thought I met my friend quota. These guys made my birthday so much fun and in return I made the weekend…uh…memorable.

I hope this has been poetically vague. Now I’ll let the photos speak.

1 2 3 4

261201_10100682324777632_606342878_n 5 6 7 8


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