Oh there’s the Cervix

I have a weak stomach for the internal workings of the body. I cover my eyes for at least a quarter of every episode of House let alone real life. And yeah I am a Public Health Volunteer. Well a woman was kind enough to allow the nurse to walk me through her pap smear while she, the nurse, gave me a mini lesson on cervical cancer.

A new dispensary is opening in my community which will not only make a considerable difference for community members; the closest dispensary is about an hour walk and the primary reasons people opt to not visit health facilities is cost and distance. It will also give me more opportunities to have health lessons and help however I can.

Last week the dispensary offered free cervical cancer screening for the women and immunizations for the kids.

In gratitude for this once in a lifetime opportunity I stayed a while and played with some babies and made some cotton swabs.







  1. I completely feel you on the queasiness. Health was one of the only sectors I would have probably refused, yet here I am! If we were actually told the truth when we transferred from Mali, I probably wouldn’t be here. Thank God I don’t have to work with a dispensary like you and do any gorey medical treatment. Here’s to facing your fears, sure your doing much better at it than i would!


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