Kazuri Beads

Crafts, beads, pretty colorful things are right up my alley especially if they are for a good cause, so of course I was so excited to join Marielle (fellow PCV) and her mom on the tour of Kazuri Beads.

Kazuri Beads has an awesome story, it was started as an income generating activity teaching women in villages around Nairobi to make ceramic beads. Creating an industry and connecting to local and international markets Kazuri is still changing the lives of women in Kenya through empowerment and skill.

I absolutely loved learning about the process of making beads and seeing all the beautiful creations these women were making. Kazuri is an example of what all Peace Corps volunteers would like to achieve: sustainable development.

DSC09149 DSC09150 DSC09152 DSC09153 DSC09154 DSC09155 DSC09156 DSC09158 DSC09159 DSC09160 DSC09161 DSC09162 DSC09163 DSC09164 DSC09165 DSC09166 DSC09167 DSC09168 DSC09169 DSC09170 DSC09171 DSC09172 DSC09173 DSC09174 DSC09175 DSC09176 DSC09177 DSC09178 DSC09181 DSC09182 DSC09183 DSC09184 DSC09185 DSC09186 DSC09187



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