Life Skills: Decision Making

There’s something so special about asking a kid what they hope to be. A girl stood up and said she wanted to be a pilot…her dream…the way she said it…makes you want to do whatever you can to help her achieve it.

My 1st life skills class this term was on decision making. In the class we talked about the many decisions we make and the consequences that we sometimes fail to give proper weight, especially as kids. My goal for the class was to get the kids to connect the consequences of their decision with the hopes of their futures.

With a mix of dancing, dramas, and lecture I think…well I know…the kids left with something.

And what they don’t know is my plan to shape them to be master public speakers. There’s a horrible trend of a lack of eye contact and an almost inaudible volume especially when speaking publicly. Well, I refuse to accept that for my kids.DSC09112 DSC09113 DSC09128 DSC09135 DSC09143


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