Dynasty Package

I met my best friends in college, affectionately known as The Dynasty, and I will be eternally thankful to Howard University for sending these girls my way.

When making the decision to accept my invitation and spend over 2 years in Kenya I was comforted by my best friends who…well I think the dedication of the book they made to send me on my way says it best in their promise to “be present, supportive and strong despite the miles that separate us.”

And so today the mother-load of packages arrived filled with everything I love and miss. There’s a perfect balance of delicious treats, health and beauty, art supplies for a couple (currently undecided) lucky kids and even some for me, some magazines, and honestly too much to name individually.

I know this package required a great deal of time, effort and money and I hope this post begins to express my appreciation.

Dynasty (Ine, Kenya, Krystina, LaToya, Michelle, Rochee and Tia) THANK YOU.

DSC00475 DSC00476



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