One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – A Christmas Eve Story

We did what we never thought we would: got knee deep in a fish pond. Amber, Brit, and Anna came to spend the holidays with me in Western Kenya. They are coming from a pretty dry part of Kenya so we decided that this trip needed to be filled with as much water and fish (for the fish lovers) as possible.

After a bumpy ride to an interior village in my area we arrived at my favorite fish farmer cluster to witness the pond harvest. Next thing I knew we were inside the pond. Next thing after that I was completely covered in mud. We all had an absolute blast and brought home a ton of fish.

We did a quick pit stop back home to drop off the fish and change before heading to beautiful Lake Victoria to view the preliminary round of boat racing with Mike. There were tons of people and street food…so we loaded up on chips (fries), bananas, 5 Ksh popsicles that were gross and Brit and I quickly pawned off to some kids, boiled eggs with kachumbari (a kinda pico de gallo mixture) and soda and were prepared for the viewing. Sticking out like a sore thumb scored us a ride in a boat to view a round of boat racing up close and personal.

It really was a fantastic day.  Now for a ton of photos.





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