Crafts: Paper Beads

Paper beads is a new-found favorite for Peace Corps volunteers; several have taught their communities and a few have their business model up and running and have been able to fund subsequent projects with the profit.

In the development context it really is the perfect income-generating project. Using old magazines and a few low cost items you can create your own jewelry line and income stream.

PC Kenya Current Paper Bead Projects

Brittany and Brett

Mulembe Craft Co

I think there’s potential in rolling this out in my community although I’m still in the brainstorming phase. Wherever I take the idea the 1st step was definitely experimenting with making the beads. Yesterday, to an R&B soundtrack, I began crafting.

I found some magazine pages with good color schemes and measured 1.5 cm wide pieces that tapered into a triangle and with a glue stick I began making beads. It was relaxing.

Here is the finished bead. I used this blog post as a guide. Please stay tuned for news and how you can support this project and other projects that will benefit my community.


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