Island Hopping

Last week I went on a trip to visit a fish farmer in Mbita, an island off of Lake Victoria. The land is owned by an orphanage based in Kisumu and was 60 acres of beauty, peace, the best bananas I’ve ever eaten and a very cute newly wed couple.

…and yeah we did some stuff on fish farming and troubleshooting the issue of the ponds being unable to hold water…it was a construction issue with a rather simple solution of basically scrapping what they have and starting from scratch.

I’m amazed in what I’m able to comprehend and discuss in regards to fish farming seeing as though 1 month ago I had no knowledge whatsoever in the field.

Here are some photos from the visit.

The approach of the ferry to cross Lake Victoria.

My attempt at artistically capturing the lake…well the rocky shore of the lake.

The ferry.

Storm clouds coming in…time to go inside.


Mbita sunrise

Pond assessment: Not holding water.





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