Christmas in September

I received my 1st package in Peace Corps and the thrill and memories of college packages came flooding back. Special thanks to my Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ricky for thinking of me and putting together a box of goodies.

What did I get, far too much to list individually but here are a few highlights.

If you know me you know I could really stop right here. CHOCOLATE. No, I will not be sharing I will be eating this in the privacy of my home with the front door bolted.

Corn Tortillas? YEP…Time for Mexican night Kenya style.

Hair bands…thank God…and other assorted hair products like some good moisturizing conditioners and some shower caps to really seal it in. Natural hair girls can join in my excitement.

This really put a smile on my face. I work with fish farmers…my life is fish…I eat fish at least twice a week and there have been weeks where I’ve eaten it everyday. This is gonna be good.

Seeds for my garden. I spoke to my Baba here and he’s gonna walk me through the steps of planting although I think I missed this planting season since these seeds will need time to germinate.

I also got a surge protector which I was so excited about…plugged it in and it completely fried. Ah well…such is life.

Love you auntie and uncle. THANKS!

And there’s so much other good stuff…


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