A Chicken of my Own

Sarah, the closest volunteer to me, has embarked on a really cool project of distributing bed nets and teaching the community about Malaria prevention. I’ve mentioned her in previous posts and I’m linking her blog so you know who I’m talking about.

This past Monday, I attended Sarah’s bed net distribution as an opportunity to meet a new community and yet another location of Odiado Tumaini Association.

In true Kenyan meeting fashion we were 1st given a feast, then brought out to singing and dancing and even encouraged to “get up and shake ourselves”, which we happily obliged.

Oh, but this meeting was special. Sarah and I were both given LIVE chickens. I had heard of other volunteers receiving chickens, so I was hoping that I would also be gifted a chicken or some live animal at some point in my service.

It completely made my day. Meet my little guy.


My baba has assured me that in a few months he will make a tasty meal and since I do plan to partake when that day comes I’ve decided not to name him. Sarah has named her chicken “dinner”…lol

In 3 months though I might be so attached that I won’t be able to make him dinner…we’ll see. He’s so cute.



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