Week 1 at Site

Site: The location a volunteer works and lives for 2 years after PST.

I found out around week 3 where my site would be…that day was both exciting and terrifying. My packet said I would be in Western Kenya, north of Lake Victoria working with the Madiba Fish Farmers.

Yeah, I went fishing with my dad when I was around 4 (or so I’ve been told) but that’s the extent of knowledge on the matter. Paired with that lack of knowledge on Aquaculture I had also been informed that exchanging sex for fish is a major issue, fish farmers are a group with extremely high HIV/AIDS rates, and there’s an issue with Jiggers. Welp…thanks Marketing degree.

Having been here 1 week…I feel like this site is PERFECT for me. Hopefully I won’t have to retract those words.

The area I live in is beautiful, I’m surrounded by trees and hills and beautiful green area. With time I’ll make sure to share some photos of the area. My supervisor is extremely knowledgeable in Aquaculture and is teaching me tons on fish farming and wants me to assist in training the community on doing Fish farming as a business. (Marketing degree…sorry I doubted you)

I will also be working with the Odiado Tumaini Assoication. Tumaini means HOPE in Kiswahili…if you are missing the irony…in America I am the Marketing Director of The HOPE Scholarship, an organization that awards need based scholarships to HBCU students and with this organization I will do some health related work and business basic trainings in the community.

So yeah…it feels a little divinely orchestrated.

We hit the ground running. Here’s an overview of my week.


  • Went to Moody Awori, former VP of Kenya’s, residence to view his fish pond project which my supervisor is managing.
  • Met the former VP
  • Visited the Ministry of Fisheries and met the officials and toured their demonstration ponds.
  • Attended a Malaria net distribution event organized by my closes PCV, Sarah.






  • Visited the offices of the:
      • District Commissioner
      • Public Health Officer
      • Deputy Police Officer
      • Ministry of Youth Services
  • Worked on the presentation my supervisor and I were to give on Fr.


  • Attended a Malaria training for Community Health workers


  • Market Day (bought a few household things)
  • Visited a Peanut Ground Plant/Peanut butter making facility.
  • Presented to a Stanford PhD student on Aquaculture…well my supervisor presented on Aquaculture and I presented on the current business climate for fish farmers.


  • Visited the former VP’s property to view the new construction of a nursery pond.
  • Went on a 3-month follow up visit with a fish farmer in the district to evaluate the growth rate of the fish and make recommendations on feed and pond maintenance.



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