Pre-Service Training (PST): An Overview

From Nairobi we made it to Loitokitok, our pre-service training site. Loitokitok is located in Southern Kenya near the Tanzania border and has a beautiful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

PST is 3 weeks of training crammed into 10 weeks. That’s how it was described in the PC Book I’m reading. Truest words ever written. PST is the craziest time warp. Days seem long but at the end of the 10 weeks it felt like it all happened in 3 days. Reminds me of undergrad.

I’ll quickly run through what PST is comprised of.

Homestay- Each trainee (because at this time we are not considered to be volunteers) is placed with a family. The family’s role is to look after us, teach us how to live the Kenyan way, and to be soundboards and informal teachers of Kiswahili.

Language Training – Groups of 3-4 trainees meet daily for 2-4 hours of language. It’s the most successful language training I’ve ever received. At the end of the 9 weeks I tested at intermediate-mid…I don’t think I could say that after 4 years of Spanish.

Technical Training –We were also among the first groups to start the standardized Peace Corps training, a new thing they’re doing that will make some things standardized in all the PC serving countries. We learned about Malaria, HIV/AIDS, healthy living/daily hygiene practices, water sanitation, we built an improved wood burning stove and a tippy tap hand washing station.

Volunteer Bonding – Frisbee, Mafia, Spirits and Fun.


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